Connect – Align – Live

Connect with God – If you are interested in God at all, it is because He is interested in you. He created us all for real, loving relationship and He has provided the connection we need – Jesus.


Jesus is the only perfect person who ever lived. God became one of us to put real life on display. He gave His life for us, and continues giving His life to us. He invites us to receive that life.


Align with God – God put the way of life on display in Jesus, and many people have aligned their life with His. We have some examples in the Bible.


They followed him together, learning what He taught, while being committed to Jesus and each other. They were devoted to Jesus together. The Life they shared is still available today.


Live with God – Jesus told us we could be participants in His life. He empowers us to do this and gives essential portions of Himself to each person. As we live in concert with Him together He uses us to demonstrate God's love.


We believe Him, and are committed to following Him together – connected with Him, committed to each other and participating in His life together.


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