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You have been taught the Holy Scriptures
from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom
to receive the salvation, that comes by trusting
in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15 (NLT)

PCF Kidz is a vital ministry the children, parents, & families of those who attend PCF. Our goal is to provide a loving, safe, fun, engaging, Bible-based ministry where kids learn to love Christ in a way that transforms their daily lives. To us this is more than just child care, it is an opportunity to support and reinforce the parents of PCF.

Purpose Statement

PCF Kidz Ministry desires to partner with parents to build a solid spiritual foundation in the life of each child. We commit to doing this by:
• Showing Christ’s love to each child and his/her parents.
• Teaching Biblical truths through interaction with each child and using the curriculum provided.
• Encouraging the development of relationships with peers and members of the PCF family.

We believe that parents, before any other institution, are responsible for the spiritual nurturing of their children. As parents shepherd their children through scripture, we commit as PCF Kidz to reinforce their teaching.

Our PCF KIDZ ministry

Two age appropriate programs.
• In room 1 we have our Pre-School Aged Ministry which is newborn to 5 years (Kindergarten).
• When your child starts first grade in the fall he/she will move up into our Kid's Quest Program (1st-5th).

For Kid's Quest we use Group's Live curriculum.

Kid's Quest kids will be dismissed after the first body of worship during our 10am worship service.
In the Student Ministry Building we have our 1st-5th graders that participate in our Kid's Quest program.

In Kid's Quest, children are taught creative, Fun and age-appropriate curriculum. This means that Bible lessons are both developmentally and spiritually appropriate for your child, as well as fun. Children learn that Jesus loves them and wants to be their best friend, as well as how to live a life devoted to Jesus.

In Kid's Quest, we believe that learning should be fun, so we include hands on activities and games that partner with the lesson for the day. This results in Bible lessons that are age-appropriate, interactive and relevant to today's children. You and your children are invited to visit Kid's Quest during our Sunday morning worship service, where you will experience our commitment to working with every family in laying a spiritual foundation children can build their lives on.

With the help of our committed volunteers, Kid's Quest provides a safe environment where children can enjoy great learning and loving relationships from 1st through 5th grade.
Kid's Quest generally starts after our first segment of worship (Around 10:30) during our 10am service. Your child will then proceed to the Student Ministries Building, located out back of our main building, where they will be greeted by our enthusiastic PCF KIDZ Team.

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking to get involved?

If you have a passion for working with infants or with preschoolers please contact the office 253-851-9972 or and we will work on assisting you to use your passion in the applicable room. We are excited about bringing committed and caring individuals to the team.

Kid's Quest makes up one of our largest ministry teams at PCF. Because of this, please know we always have room for committed individuals who desire to use their gifts, talents and abilities to minister to children and serve the families of PCF. If you are interested in becoming a Kid's Quest Team Member, please contact the PCF office 253-851-9972 or and we will get you on the right track to becoming a part of the team.

PCF Kidz Schedules (To open you will need Adobe Reader) and volunteer forms.
Little Church Schedule Kidz Quest Schedule 2020
Volunteer Agreement

For more information on on Ages 0-5 please contact
For more information on Kidz Quest please contact