Connection Point


Connection Point is our new PCF newsletter.

Now that we have gone electronic with the monthly PCF newsletter we have many new tools available at your fingertips. The one we are spotlighting in this month's edition are the links. Links give the opportunity to access a website for more information or take you to a specific article in the Connection Point. For example, at the bottom of the page you can click on the facebook icon and it will take you to our faceboook page and the left hand column has links that will take you to our website and much more. If you have a printed copy of the Connection Point, many of these same links can be found on our website We look forward to spotlighting any new tools that we incorporate in the months to come. Take time to enjoy the "refreshed" new look and style of your monthly newsletter.


"Every day that is called today, be an active follower of Jesus in everything you do. Also, actively invite someone else to follow you following Him."


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