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Audio Message
Video Link
11/22/2020 Pastor Kurt The Preeminence of Christ! MP3 Video
11/15/2020 Peter Smith Fear of Loss MP3 Video
11/08/2020 Pastor Kurt Expectations MP3 Video
11/01/2020 Pastor Kurt The Secret Place MP3 Video
10/25/2020 Michael Bouterse The Upsidedown Kingdom MP3 Video
10/18/2020 Pastor Jake Chambers Cornerstone MP3 Video
10/11/2020 Pastor Kurt Walking With Jesus pt. 2 MP3 Video
10/04/2020 Pastor Kurt Walking With Jesus pt. 1 MP3 Video
09/27/2020 Pastor Kurt Kingdoms in Conflict MP3 Video
09/20/2020 Pastor Jake Chambers Guest Speaker MP3 Video
09/13/2020 Pastor Kurt The Peace of Obedience MP3 Video
09/06/2020 Pastor Kurt Benefits of Obedience MP3 Video
08/30/2020 Pastor Kurt Complete Freedom, or... MP3 Video
08/23/2020 Peter Smith Justice MP3 Video
08/16/2020 Pastor Kurt Jesus is Normal MP3 Video
08/09/2020 Pastor Kurt Tolerance & The Intolerable MP3 Video
08/02/2020 Pastor Charles Human Remains MP3 Video
07/26/2020 Pastor Kurt More Love Pt. 4 A & B MP3 No Video
07/19/2020 Pastor Kurt More Love Pt. 4 No Audio Video
07/12/2020 Pastor Kurt More Love Pt. 3 MP3 Video
07/05/2020 Pastor Kurt More Love Pt.2 MP3 Video
06/28/2020 Peter Smith Pride and Prejudice MP3 Video
06/21/2020 Pastor Kurt Fathers Day MP3 No Video
06/19/2020 Pastor Kurt More Love Pt.1 See Video Video
06/14/2020 Pastor Kurt Welcome Back! MP3 Video
06/13/2020 Pastor Kurt Faith, Hope & Love Pt.3 MP3 Video
06/07/2020 Pastor Kurt Faith, Hope & Love Pt.2 MP3 Video
05/31/2020 Pastor Kurt Faith, Hope & Love Pt.1 MP3 Video
05/24/2020 Pastor Kurt Looking For God… MP3 Video
05/20/2020 Pastor Kurt Midweek Message MP3 Video
05/17/2020 Pastor Kurt Following Abe MP3 Video
05/10/2020 Pastor Kurt Mothers Day MP3 Video
05/03/2020 Pastor Kurt In God’s Eyes MP3 Video
04/26/2020 Pastor Kurt Casting Perfect Nets MP3 Video
04/19/2020 Peter Smith Normal MP3 Video
04/15/2020 Pastor Kurt The Living Dead to Self MP3 Video
04/12/2020 Pastor Kurt The Death of Death MP3 Video
04/05/2020 Pastor Charles Today is MP3 Video
04/05/2020 Pastor Kurt Staying Home MP3 Video
03/29/2020 Pastor Kurt Unshaken MP3 Video
03/24/2020 Pastor Charles Essential MP3 Video
03/22/2020 Peter Smith God of Comfort MP3 Video
03/15/2020 Pastor Charles Inspired MP3
03/08/2020 April Wilder Psalm 119 No Audio  
03/01/2020 Pastor Kurt Why Prepare? MP3  
02/23/2020 Pastor Kurt God’s Primary Purpose - Which Becomes Ours MP3  
02/16/2020 Peter Smith Friendship MP3  
02/09/2020 Pastor Kurt Convicted! MP3  
02/02/2020 Pastor Kurt News From Prison MP3  
01/26/2020 Pastor Kurt The Whole Life of God No Audio  
01/19/2020 Pastor Kurt The Living ONE MP3  
01/12/2020 Pastor Kurt More In One! MP3  
01/05/2020 Pastor Kurt First Things First! MP3  
12/29/2019 Pastor Kurt And Then They... MP3  
12/22/2019 Peter Smith Worth It? MP3  
12/15/2019 Pastor Kurt Sent to be Received MP3  
12/08/2019 Pastor Kurt In The Fullness of God’s Time MP3  
12/01/2019 Pastor Charles The Promise MP3  
11/24/2019 Pastor Kurt Loving Our Neighbor(s) No Audio  
11/17/2019 Pastor Kurt With All Your Strength MP3  
11/10/2019 Pastor Kurt With All Your Mind MP3  
11/03/2019 Pastor Kurt With All Your Soul MP3  
10/27/2019 Pastor Kurt The Heart of The Matter MP3  
10/20/2019 Pastor Kurt Loving & Being Loved MP3  
10/13/2019 Peter Churness - One Hope Church Seven Truths I Tell Myself Every Day MP3  
10/06/2019 Kurt Mach Our Primary Purpose MP3  
09/29/2019 Kurt Mach The Main Thing... MP3  
09/22/2019 Peter Smith Walls, Boundaries, and Vulnerability MP3  
09/15/2019 Pastor Kurt The Prize MP3  
09/08/2019 Pastor Charles Life Group Sunday - Eyes Wide Shut No Audio  
09/01/2019 Pastor Kurt Who WE Are… in Christ MP3  
08/25/2019 Bob and Cathy Watanabe Missionary Update MP3  
08/18/2019 Kurt Mach They Say MP3  
08/11/2019 Jake Chambers - The Local Church Colossians 1:24-28 MP3  
08/04/2019 Kurt Mach Swing! MP3  
07/28/2019 Michael Bouterse - THRIVE Psalm 73 MP3  
07/21/2019 Peter Smith Godly Conduct MP3  
07/07/2019 Kurt Mach Hearing God/Seeing Him MP3  
06/30/2019 Guest: Gary Wiens The Commanded Blessing MP3  
06/23/2019 Pastor Kurt What Do You Do About It? MP3  
06/16/2019 April Wilder Recipe: A Life Well Lived MP3  
06/09/2019 Pastor Charles Tips to Miss Jesus MP3  
06/02/2019 Peter Smith Great Expectations No Audio Available  
05/26/2019 Pastor Kurt Hearing God MP3  
05/19/2019 Pastor Kurt God’s Holy Spirit In Us MP3  
05/12/2019 Pastor Kurt Fan into Flames MP3  
05/05/2019 Pastor Kurt Ministry Testimony And Example MP3 - Partial Recording  
04/28/2019 Pastor Charles The Spark MP3  
04/21/2019 Pastor Kurt Resurrection Life!! MP3  
04/19/2019 Pastor Charles The Plan MP3  
04/14/2019 Peter Smith Behold the Savior MP3  
04/07/2019 Kurt Mach Who’s Your Daddy? MP3  
03/31/2019 Kurt Mach Do You Matter? MP3  
03/24/2019 Peter Smith Communication MP3  
03/17/2019 Pastor Kurt Revealing God - III MP3  
03/10/2019 Pastor Kurt Revealing God - II MP3  
03/03/2019 Pastor Kurt Revealing God - I MP3  
02/24/2019 Pastor Charles Looking at the past for the NOW MP3  
02/17/2019 Pastor Kurt Love, Being Loved & Loving MP3  
02/03/2019 Pastor Kurt Super Celebrations!! MP3  
01/27/2019 Pastor Kurt Discipleship Pruning MP3  
01/20/2019 Pastor Kurt Fruitful Discipleship MP3  
01/13/2019 Pastor Kurt Living Discipleship MP3  
01/06/2019 Pastor Kurt Inefficient Discipleship MP3